Monday, 17 January, 2022

Empowering digital lifestyle

Empowering digital lifestyle

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Young tech entrepreneur Dewan Kanon works on developing ecosystem for digital lifestyle in Bangladesh initiative series of business initiatives.

He has multiple initiatives in mobile phone, accessories, food, e-commerce, solution services, retail chain shops and pharmacy. However, he is well known in the tech industry for successful footprint with international brands.

Regarding the progress of Bangladesh in technology sector, Dewan thinks the country tremendous scope as digital platforms helps people to become self-reliant to the life.

“I think the role of technology, such as smart devices, the internet, services, and other tech-sectors, is very important to fully implement and successfully shape the efforts of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to build digital Bangladesh,” he said.

As a technology entrepreneur, Dewan thinks Bangladeshi consumer electronics market is getting bigger day by day and customers are very concerned about after-sales service and they expect to get fast and quality after-sales service.

QuickFix Limited, a service platform founded by Dewan, works as country service partner of world-famous smart phone brand Xiaomi. Xiaomi is the number one after-sales smart phone band in Bangladesh since the fourth quarter of 2019

Focusing on ecommerce segments in Bangladesh, Dewan added that the e-commerce sector has potentials to grow overcoming the state of turmoil.

“And I think we will play a leading role in overcoming the current state of e-commerce and ensuring a transparent and accurate service,” he said,

The digital entrepreneur also has confidence on the retail shops for the last 6 years and managing Xiaomi’s largest exclusive brand outlet chain under the name DX Tel.

At present, the company covers about 44 districts of the country and we have the largest exclusive smart phone brand outlet chain in Bangladesh.