Monday, 24 January, 2022

Airport Style: An emerging clothing line for fashion enthusiasts

Young entrepreneurs have been playing a vital role in promoting homegrown brands in the country’s fashion industry for the last few years. People, especially the young generation, are now attracted by the local brands more than before. ‘Airport Style’, an emerging Dhaka-based clothing brand, has grabbed the attention of fashion enthusiasts in a short span of time.

‘Airport Style’ was co-founded by two young entrepreneurs Ashiq Seraj and Imayan Vignarajah. Ashiq Seraj recently talked to the Daily Sun correspondent Anindita Naheen and shared about the brand and beyond.  


Why did you choose the name ‘Airport Style’ for your clothing line?

The word Airport Style denotes comfort in the mind of a fashion bug or simply clothes which are best suited for travel or long hauls. But Airport Style as a brand is much more and beyond. We sell more than clothes, it’s a lifestyle that we propagate through our clothes. Classic fashion merged with modern day utility and comfort that is what Airport Style is all about. 


 What’s the brand’s flagship product?

Airport Style took off the tarmac on December 15 in 2019 with the launch of the Harrington Jackets which the brand is famous for. In fact, we were the first brand in Bangladesh to launch the Harrington Jackets and now we are popularly known as the Makers of Harrington. Needless to say, we are commonly known as the Makers of Harrington, so the answer is self-explanatory. The Harrington jacket is our flagship product.


What’s the tagline of the brand? 

We have a couple of taglines or phrases which we use, such as You’ve Arrived, Jet Set Go! or Arrive – in Style. All of our marketing gimmicks and products revolve around the concept of travel and airports in general.


 Why do customers attracted by your products? What’s the uniqueness?  

Our USP (unique selling proposition) is our distinct lineup of products which are heavily inspired by the 60’s and 70’s era of fashion, the golden era of fashion, a time period when fashion was flamboyant and unapologetically attractive. Moreover, if you look at each and every product which we have released thus far, they are a first in the market, be it our Harrington Jackets or our Riviera Summer Shirts which are basically a revamped version of yesteryear safari shirts. They all are first in the fashion scene of Dhaka. Like we said, our USP is our unique portfolio. We thrive in our singularity.


 Do you have any collections this winter?

This winter yet again catering to the popular demand of our customers, we have launched the Icon Series Harrington Jackets, which are basically sleek cut Harringtons which can be paired with casuals or smartly with your formal shirts. Be it your work brunch or Thursday night out, the Icon Series Harrington is versatile enough to carry yourself anywhere and they come in 4 splendid colors – British Racing Green, Havana Beige, Pecan Tobacco and Pilot Navy.


You are a business graduate; did you want to be an entrepreneur?

Without a doubt! The satisfaction of being an entrepreneur is second to none and reaping the direct benefits of your hard work is something that only entrepreneurship can give you. The feeling is priceless.