Tuesday, 18 January, 2022

Nurjahan Alim’s birthday today

Today is the birthday of folk singer Nurjahan Alim. She will celebrate her birthday with family members. 

Nurjahan Alim, also the daughter of folk maestro Abdul Alim, was born on December 23 in Dhaka.     

She got inspiration in music from her father. Later, she learnt music from other renowned ustads like ‘Akhter Sadmani’, ‘Nazrul Islam’ etc. She also got trained in classical music under ‘Ustad Anup Barua’ in Chhayanaut.

Nurjahan became champion of ‘Notun Kuri’ in 1986. Her first solo album of songs titled ‘Majhi’ was released in 2014 and her second solo album ‘Jare Chere’ - a tribute to Abdul Alim, was released in February, 2017.

She has received several awards like ‘Abbas Uddin Sharok’ ‘Pen Pulse Club Award’, ‘Badshah Khalid Award’ Progoti Shango Awrad, Abdul Hai Mashreki Gold Medal, Human Rights and Peace for Bangladesh Award, Anotora Academy Award, Shamaj Bandhu award from Bangladesh welfare foundation of USA, etc.