Tuesday, 25 January, 2022

Malaysian labour market:

Use the opportunity effectively

Use the opportunity effectively

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When the entire world has been struggling to cope with the financial crisis since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Bangladesh has so far faced the challenges almost successfully, thanks to the remittance sent by migrant workers who in recent years played the most significant role in country’s economic development despite a shrinking foreign labour market due to the sanctions on recruiting Bangladeshi labours by different countries. However, some studies suggest that the flow of remittance declined sharply in recent months in comparison with the flow continued even in the pick time of the pandemic. Under such a situation, it is really a good piece of news that the government has effectively signed MoU with Malaysia, the third largest market of Bangladeshi labours, to open the market after more than three years and that the migration will hopefully start from January next.

The scope will surely impact our economy positively as more people will now have the chance to work in one of the top-priority destinations, Malaysia. Moreover, the government has become triumphant to minimise migration costs as their counterpart have consented to compel employers to bear some expenditures like airfares that was usually borne by the workers earlier. At the same time, the minimum monthly wage has also been patched up.

With these laudable achievements, the first step has been completed. Now, the authorities should focus on the development of aspirant migrants’ skills on specific field aiming to help them earn more, as well as the smooth continuation of the process for sending as much people as we can. Simultaneously, doors should be closed on forming syndicates that earlier caused huge sufferings and financial lose to migrant workers and was one of the major reasons behind imposing the sanction on manpower export. Moreover, we should not put all eggs in one basket; rather new labour markets should be explored and that too in the quickest possible time.

Last but not the least, our embassies should be well instructed to extend their hands to migrant workers in crisis moments. There is no way to show negligence to their needs because of their contribution to the economy. We must not forget that how these people take driving force role in the national economy and help the country afloat even during one of the serious economic crises.