Tuesday, 24 May, 2022

Don’t share too much about your personal life on social media: Dev

Social media is often the best way for celebrities to communicate with fans and also promote themselves. However, with internet trolls on the prowl, it becomes any celeb’s worst nightmare. We see these stars get verbally abused, slammed and harassed by netizens hiding behind the screens of their mobiles and computers.

So, what’s the secret behind tackling this online harassment that often becomes a nightmare to many? Tollywood superstar Dev who has been a victim of trolling in the past, however, has his doubt whether this is the peak of trolling on social media, reports Times of India.

“I have my doubts of this is the peak? With time, we will face more trolling on social media. These days data is so cheap and it has become a trend to post negative comments on social media,” shares the actor whose film ‘Tonic’ is set to release on December 24 on the eve of his birthday. 

Sometimes it comes in the form of unkind words of strangers leaving a cut that is too deep to heal, especially when you’re in the limelight. These days most celebrities give their followers unprecedented access to personal lives through their social media handles. They regularly share pictures that give an insight into their starry lives. But this access can often turn into something dangerous. "I have seen many celebrities and stars while on vacation show their fans how the rooms and even washrooms are on social media. When you are giving so much access it will attract more people and they will comment. Some will be good and some will be bitter," added the star.

The actor-politician further points out not only celebrities but even people, in general, are also now excessively dependent on social media and at times, this trolling affects them as well.

"I agree that social media is now a part of our lives, but it can’t involve everything in our lives. Perhaps an hour if you are searching for information or looking for entertainment is fine. But I believe that everything can’t be shared on social media. Many of us shoot reels while on holiday. Whether it's right or not, I can't comment, but if they are happy in doing this, let them handle the consequences in their own way," said Dev.