Friday, 21 January, 2022

Painting exhibition ‘Jolokabbo 4’ underway at Edge Gallery

Painting exhibition ‘Jolokabbo 4’ underway at Edge Gallery

A group painting exhibition titled ‘Jolokabbo 4’ is underway at the Edge Gallery in the capital’s Gulshan 2 area.

The inaugural ceremony of the 18-day exhibition was held on Friday.  Edge: The Foundation trustees Iftekhar A. Khan and Mahua Khan, artists Mohammad Eunus and Jamal Ahmed, among others, were present. 

A total of 78 artworks from 39 artists, including, Abdus Shakoor Shah, Al-Akhir Sharkar, Anamuz Zahid, Anisur Rahman, Anisuzzaman, Ariful Islam, Azmeer Hossain, Biplob Chakroborty, Biren Shome, Hamiduzzaman Khan, Hasura Akter Rumky, Jamal Ahmed, Kamruzzoha, Kanak Chanpa Chakma, Kauser Hossain, Maneek Bonik, Mintu Dey, Mohammad Eunus, Mohammad Iqbal, Monirul Islam, Samarjit Roy Chowdhury, Shohag Parvez, Sigma Haque Angkan, Soikat Hossain, Swapan Chowdhury, Warior Rahman Sami, Zahangir Alom and Ziaur Rahman are being showcased at the exhibition.  

Watercolor is one of the earliest art forms. Poetic as well as spellbinding, it has that subtle quality of transparency and glow – a characteristic not found in other mediums. This alluring medium, however, is a challenge to master. It is not a process that one can always control - every brushstroke requires that the painter remain fully aware and decisive.

Edge Gallery once again brings to art lovers Musings in Watercolor, with 39 masters and a handful in the making.  Jolokabbo 4 offers a journey through fields and forests where light and shadow choreograph the music of nature, with boat rides that resonate with our childhood days on the river. Then, there are those distant memories of Old Dhaka captured on paper.

 The exhibition will continue till December 27.