Thursday, 20 January, 2022

Learning to be optimistic

Learning to be optimistic

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Did you know that the recipe for happiness exists! Although, like any other dish it cannot be fine tuned in one try, your efforts will bring you fruitful results someday eventually. One of the primary roads to happiness is self-love. You are going to learn how the way you talk to yourself affects your mindset. You need to cultivate a positive attitude in order to love yourself and feel good about yourself.

The stumbling block in your life may possibly be that you suffer from a lack of confidence, or that you constantly feel that others are superior to you. You look at yourself from a negative perspective and you feel like it's not letting you live your life to the best of your ability. Rest assured you are not alone, there are many others like you in this world! Hopefully, by the end of reading this article you will understand how to grab the steering wheel of your life and start your journey on a path filled with self-love and happiness! So, here are a few perspectives you need to start gaining to switch things around and gradually learn to cherish yourself and turn yourself into a positive individual.

The voice in your head is one of the keys to self-awareness. Many people who need self-assurance are destructive in their comments towards themselves. The issue is, this sort of regrettable self-talk can continually downgrade you and build up a negative mentality towards yourself. From this point forward, watch the manner in which you converse with yourself 'in your mind', during your inner conversation, and transform the negative words to positive remarks.

There are a bunch of approaches to talk optimistically to oneself, learn to talk positively to yourself and appreciate yourself. Learn and apply the approaches. Slowly but surely, you will notice a change in your perspective towards life. It is a perspective which will help you live a beautiful life. Next is gratitude, learn to appreciate the world around you and talk positively about it. Learn to appreciate and count the happy moments on your fingertips and use those to brighten your day. This will enable you to live a heart-warming day almost every day.


Syeda Aida Mowla, a student, Hurdco

International School