Thursday, 20 January, 2022

The unvaccinated raises fear of a new pandemic wave

The unvaccinated raises fear of a new pandemic wave

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A recent study of the University of Oxford shows that a specific gene was found in South Asians that doubles their risk of respiratory failure from Covid-19. This higher-risk of the gene most likely prevents the cells lining the airways and the lungs from responding to the virus that has taken the world by storm. As thousands of people are still dying every day, the world is far from an end to the pandemic. The only solution to defang the virus is to vaccinate as many people as possible. The good news is that the biggest vaccination campaign in the history of mankind is underway. Though 7.80 billion doses have been administered so far across the world, the progress is under threat because of anti-vaccine supporters.

Vaccines are, without doubt, one of the greatest achievements of modern science. Usually, it takes years of research to develop a vaccine. The fastest any vaccine had previously been developed, from viral sampling to approval, was four years. It was for the mumps in the 1960s. On the other hand, a vaccine made by Pfizer with German biotech firm BioNTech, got approval for emergency use, did not even take a year. Huge amounts of funding and previous research on related viruses made that possible.

The rapidity by which vaccines were developed, made some people question their effectiveness. Without researching, those people subscribed to the idea that these vaccines are not safe for people. It is disappointing that ignorant people on the internet are promoting and supporting the anti-vaccination movement. They are spreading misinformation on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook about vaccine safety and causing a worrying reduction in vaccination rates worldwide. As a result, some countries are getting more infection and death counts pointing to potential third and fourth waves.

The good news is that Facebook and Twitter authorities decided to ban any post related to anti-vaccine and some people who were initially hesitant are changing their minds. But even this delay is considered a threat to health because viral infections spread very quickly. The coronavirus is always mutating to survive, as a result new variants like Delta and Omicron have evolved. It is proven that the delta variant has caused more deaths, being more transmissible. Even people with two doses of covid vaccine can get this virus. Therefore, people without vaccine shots are in greater danger.

Countries with higher vaccination rates have already proven that vaccines are highly effective at preventing hospitalisation and death. At the current pace, 19.6 million people are getting their first shots each day, but the goal of halting the pandemic remains elusive. While the Bangladesh government has set the goal to give 100 million vaccine doses by the end of this year, the current pace of vaccination says otherwise. Vaccine cards should be mandatory in all sectors and fake rumours surrounding vaccines must be stamped out by all means. Otherwise, a new wave will arrive at our doors sooner than expected.


Tasrif Zawaad,  student of Adamjee Cantonment College