Tuesday, 18 January, 2022

Punish culprits to eradicate corruption

Punish culprits to eradicate corruption

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There is no denying that Bangladesh has been doing exceptionally well in economic fronts that help the country earn the recognition of the ‘Role Model’ of development. The country is among the tiger economies in Asia, which undoubtedly is a matter to be proud of. However, when the rapid economic growth brings new dreams to the common people, it opens a new opportunity for the unscrupulous section to make a quick buck, which is evident in the spread of corruption in recent years.

In the latest incident, a government investigation has found massive irregularities in a project of Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board (BREB) that causes the government to incur a loss of Tk. 12.87 crore. In the said project, sub-standard products were procured from an inexperienced company, who did not replace faulty products gone on the fritz within the warranty period. Later when investigation began, the supplier company owned by one of the BREB contractors association leaders intentionally delayed to provide necessary information to the probe committee. These entire facts prove an unholy nexus was there behind the scene, which is not an isolated incident at all.

Corruption has increased in government offices as well as in politics. The perception of common people, involvement of influential persons and the culture of injustice have neared corruption to institutionalisation in Bangladesh since several reports published earlier found that people in general has started accepting corruption normally. Giving bribes as ‘speed money’ is a well-acknowledged culture and corruption of some government sectors is open secret nowadays. It seems the country has become a breeding ground for corruption as an individual has every opportunity to develop unethical behaviour, having less attention on social-psychological determinants of unethical behaviour, such as the influence of group norms, belongingness and dynamics.

The lack of punishment is to be blamed most behind such a situation since the likelihood of being convicted is the main thing to prevent corruption. Therefore, exemplary punishment should be ensured to the culprits. At the same time, the practice to be an honest and sincere member of society should begin from the family environment and schooling.