Sunday, 23 January, 2022

Kishore Palash’s new song ‘Moner Bepar’ released

Kishore Palash’s new song ‘Moner Bepar’ released

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Singer Kishore Palash, who is better known for folk renditions, has lent his vocal to a modern song for the first time. The title of the song is ‘Moner Bepar’. The track is now available on the YouTube channel of G Series with music video.

‘Moner Bepar’ is penned by Sharif Al Din and composed by Avi Akash while Mushfiq Litu has arranged its music.

The music video of the track featuring Imtu Ratish and Alankar Chowdhury and directed by Raj Biswas Shankar, was mostly shot in the picturesque locations of Bandarban.

Regarding the latest release, Kishore Palash said, “It is my first modern song. I’ve worked beyond the genre I usually work in. For me, it was a challenge indeed.”

“Sharif Al Din has written the lyrics of the song wonderfully while Avi Akash did the composition very well. It came out really wonderful with the music directed by Mushfiq Litu. I have tried my best while voicing it,” added the singer expressing his hope that the audience will love this latest song.

Apart from the G Series YouTube channel, ‘Moner Bepar’ also can be accessed on the audio-streaming platforms GP Music and Banglalink Vibe.