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Polar crane bridge installed at Rooppur plant

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  • 1 December, 2021 12:00 AM
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Polar crane bridge installed at Rooppur plant

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Installation of the circular (polar) crane bridge has been completed in the reactor building of power unit-2 of Rooppur Nunclear Power Plant in Ishwardi, Pabna.

The Energospecmontazh specialists performed the work of lifting and installing the polar crane bridge beams on the rail tracks.

It was done at +38.50 metres elevation using a Liebherr heavy crawler crane of 1350 metric tonnes lifting capacity, said a press release.

“The next milestone has been completed at the Rooppur NPP power unit 2. The polar crane installation is one of the crucial events in construction of the unit,” said Aleksey Deriy, Atomstroyexport(ASE) vice- president and director of the Rooppur NPP Construction Project.

“After the adjustment and testing of the crane, installation of the main heavy equipment and pipelines will start in the reactor compartment,” Derity added.

Currently, the work related to installation of the crane structures and mechanisms on the crane track is under way.

The polar crane is being installed under the dome of the inner containment of the NPP reactor building.

The crane bridge travelling along the circular rail above the reactor shaft and the polar crane trolley travelling along the bridge allows handling operations at any point in the reactor compartment. By using the polar crane of 360 metric tonnes lifting capacity, all heavy equipment will be installed, including the steam generators and the reactor vessel itself. After the NPP is put into operation, the crane will be used for repair work and fuel transportation.

The installation of the polar crane bridge will complete installing of reinforced structures at the inner containment tier 5 at the Rooppur NPP power unit 2 and its concreting by the end of December.

At present, the assembly and welding of the reinforced structures at tiers 6, 7, 8 of the inner containment dome at the power unit 2 reactor building has started on two stands located in the immediate vicinity of the power unit.

The Rooppur NPP having two generations III+ VVER-1200 reactors and the total 2400 MW capacity is being constructed according to the Russian design.

The general contractor for Rooppur NPP construction is Atomstroyexport (the Engineering Division of Rosatom).