Saturday, 22 January, 2022

OC’s phone number cloned by extortionists!

OC’s phone number cloned by extortionists!

The officer-in-charge of Dinajpur's Nawabganj police station has said that a gang has cloned his mobile phone number 01320136651 to use it for extortion of money from the public.

OC Ferdous Wahid said on Friday he is no longer using the number. He asked people not to pay any money if someone calls from the number, reports UNB.

The fraudsters’ gang is carrying out such activities ahead of the local union council elections, he said.

Using the number, the gang can commit various illegal activities including criminal acts, fraud, threats, blackmail and more.

The police administration has requested everyone to be vigilant in this regard.

“We are warning the concerned people not to give money to anyone over that number. We are also trying to identify the culprits and take legal action against them”, he said.