Monday, 24 January, 2022

Abul Hayat, Dilara Zaman, Shahed, Deepa in ‘Kaan Pete Roi’

Abul Hayat, Dilara Zaman, Shahed, Deepa in ‘Kaan Pete Roi’
(From left) Abul Hayat, Deepa Khandakar, Dilara Zaman and Shahed Sharif.

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Abul Hayat is one of the most popular small screen actors of the country. Alongside acting, the Ekushey Padak and National Film Award-winning artiste has also earned acclamation from the audience as a director and scriptwriter. 

Recently, the veteran artiste has made a single episode drama titled ‘Kaan Pete Roi’. He is also the scriptwriter of the one-hour production.

Abul Hayat himself along with noted actors Dilara Zaman, Deepa Khandakar and Shahed Sharif will be seen playing important roles in the drama.  

The shooting of the drama was completed at a location in the capital on Monday. 

About the drama, Abul Hayat said, “Basically, ‘Kaan Pete Roi’ is a romantic genre drama. Through this drama, I’ve tried to depict that love is immortal. The story of the drama is based on the life of an elderly person.”

“I’ve played the role of an elderly person in the drama. Dilara Zaman will be seen as my wife while, Shahed Sharif and Deepa Khandakar will play the roles of my son and daughter-in-law respectively,” he added.

Dilara Zaman said, “I have worked with Abul Hayat bhai in many dramas as an actor. I have also performed in his directorial ventures. Alongside a versatile actor Hayat bhai is a wonderful director. He always makes dramas with utmost care. I hope the audience will enjoy our drama Kaan Pete Roi.”

‘Kaan Pete Roi’ will be aired on Channel i soon.