Tuesday, 7 December, 2021

Bringing traffic discipline on roads

Bringing traffic discipline on roads

Avid readers will probably find no newspaper in the city that does not carry any story of road crashes for a single day of the week. Presently, road mishap is a catastrophic phenomenon with ever-increasing trend countrywide. It has become a routine affair. People from all walks of life are susceptible to road accidents. It seems road crashes are a part of modern life. Every day, countless people are either killed or disabled on roads. Often members of an entire family are wiped out in such terrible incidents.

Men, women or children walking, biking or riding to places of work or educational institutions, may never return home, leaving behind shattered families. Every year, innumerable people spend a long time in hospitals after severe crashes and many will never be able to live or work as they used to do. We have already written editorials on the perennial issue, but all our efforts went in vain.

As per news story published at a vernacular daily on Sunday, 82% of the beggars in the city were compelled to resort to this ignominious profession after being seriously hurt in road crashes. Road traffic injuries place a heavy burden not only on household finances but also on the national economy. Many families are driven deeply into poverty for the loss of breadwinners and the added burden of caring members disabled by road traffic injuries. Reasons behind the increased number of accidents include drivers' reckless driving, violation of laws, poor implementation of traffic rules and incompetent traffic police and also plying of slow moving vehicles on highways.

For a country like ours, allowing its citizens to perish in road crashes is not only tragic, but also unacceptable. Previously, in face of strong students' movement, the government formulated a traffic law to bring down traffic chaos, but because of vehement opposition of transport owners and workers, the law could not be implemented. Ultimately, traffic chaos became much more intense taking a heavy toll on human life. Time is ripe to act; the government should take a tough stance against anarchy on roads. It should formulate anew a transport law to bring traffic discipline.