Sunday, 5 December, 2021

1.67 lakh farmers get agri input in Rajshahi division

1.67 lakh farmers get agri input in Rajshahi division

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RAJSHAHI: Around 1.67 lakh small and marginal farmers are getting fertilizers and seeds worth about Taka 18.70 crore free of cost during the current Rabi season under government agriculture incentive programme in the division.

Additional Director of Department of Agricultural Extension (DAE) Sirajul Islam here said that incentives are being given to the farmers in all eight districts in the division, reports BSS.

“We are very much hopeful about completing distribution of the rabi crop seed and fertilizers within this month,” he said, adding that the incentives will help the farmers grow the seasonal crops successfully.

Agriculturist Islam said each of the beneficiary farmers are getting agri-inputs for cultivating crops like wheat, maize, mustard, sunflower, groundnut, winter onion, mug-bean, lentil and grass pea on one bigha of land.

In the division, a total of 67,000 farmers are getting incentives for wheat farming, 59,500 for maize, 98,000 for mustard, 9,000 for onion, 4,000 for mung-bean, 9,000 for lentil, 7,500 for sunflower, 13,500 for grass pea and 4,000 for groundnut.

To mitigate pressure on water, the marginal farmers are being given seeds of various less-water consuming crops like wheat, maize, lentil, grass pea and mustard seed, Islam said.

The incentive programme will contribute a lot to promoting the water-saving crops in the drought-prone Barind area, he said.

More than 1,500 volunteers are motivating farmers to cultivate less water consuming crops through water resource management on behalf of the ‘Integrated Water Resource Management (IWRM)’ Project.

DASCOH Foundation has been implementing the IWRM project in 1,280 drought-hit villages of 39 Union Parishad and three municipalities in eight upazilas of Rajshahi, Naogaon and Chapainawabganj districts supported by Switzerland since 2015, said Jahangir Khan, Project Coordinator of IWRM.

Rafiqul Islam, a marginalised farmer of Fulbari village under Godagari Upazila, said he is very happy after getting the incentives in proper time.

“I have sown wheat seed on one bigha of land timely after getting the seed and fertilizer incentives,” Islam said, adding that the time prior to 30th November is considered as appropriate period for sowing wheat seed.

Shakhawat Hossain, another farmer of Bijoynagar area under the same upazila, said he has sown onion seed after availing the incentives which has saved him from leaving behind his land abandoned.

Pearul Islam of Bhagail village said many of the farmers have been benefited from the incentives this season as those were distributed in proper time.

All sorts of necessary measures have been adopted to make the farming during the current Rabi season successful, said Atanu Sarker, Sub Assistant Agriculture Officer.

DAE has set a target of producing 4.03 lakh tonnes of wheat from 1.33 lakh hectares of land, 5.67 lakh tonnes of maize from 55,200 hectares of land, 2.83 lakh tonnes of mustard seed from 1.99 lakh hectares of land and 13.09 lakh tonnes of onion from 90,430 hectares of land.

Target has also been set to produce 20.25 lakh tonnes of vegetables from 90,220 hectares of land, 73,582 tonnes of lentil from 51,088 hectares of land and 39,103 tonnes of grass pea from 30,185 hectares of land.