Sunday, 5 December, 2021

Career-oriented Education Can Reduce Unemployment

Ramisa Bilkis Jarin

Bangladesh is a developing country. Since independence, this country has come a long way in education. Education promotes human productivity and enriches civilisation. However, work-oriented education is intimately involved with lifeskills. The world is moving fast today due to the advancement of vocational education along with general education. Work-oriented education can solve the problem of unemployment of a country. 80 per cent of Bangladesh’ educated people are unemployed. They are spending their days in anticipation of getting a job. At the end by not getting proper employment, frustration and exhaustion builds up in the job seekers, even resulting in increased suicide rate in the country. Therefore, in order to solve their unemployment problem, the youths should be get academic as well as vocational education. It is possible to reduce unemployment through vocational education. According to Dr. Farasuddin, "Vocational education is important and essential for our development which must be evaluated sooner or later."

In vocational education, practical teaching on any subject is given hands on, so that the students can earn their livelihood. In general, career-oriented education is related to professional work for the purpose of earning a living. For progress and prosperity of a country, developing and increasing the number of vocational institutions is necessary. It is possible to reduce unemployment in a country by increasing vocational education. There is no alternative to education in the development of a state or country. Only an educated population can take the state forward to achieve its desired goals. Simply put, a developed state equates to a well-educated population. The more educated population a nation has, the more advanced it is among the world of nations. It is clear if we look at the developed states of the world. That is why the states that have not yet developed are constantly working for it. Bangladesh is also among those countries.

Now the question is what is career oriented education? And the answer is - it is a specialised education, which makes the students competent to handle practical jobs from the beginning of their education. Not only that, it also makes the students creative and productive. The most important factor is that career oriented education helps students to develop their latent qualities as well as to learn new trades. Career oriented education develops the students as moral, social, rational and scientific citizens. It helps students to focus and train in the profession they want to pursue in the future. It can be understood that through action-oriented education, the future employment prospects of the students are more secure.

The main asset of any country is its skilled manpower. If this skilled manpower can be brought forward under the right plan, it can be transformed into an asset for the country. Our country is on top of the world in terms of population. But it is not reflected in the job market. Countless people are abroad for work, this is the biggest example. However, it is still not impossible to develop the population as human resources if proper initiatives are taken. In this case, of course, the biggest obstacle is our education system. Sad but true, our conventional education system is dysfunctional. For the survival and progress of a nation, many well-educated skilled workers are needed. If the conventional education system can be made functional, more and more people of different professions will be produced. But for this, first of all, a major change in the attitude of the basic education system is required.

Our reality is that despite the lack of demand in the job market for a long time, students of the country are inclined towards humanities and social sciences. In contrast, despite the huge demand, the number of students in science, business administration, medicine, engineering and technical education is relatively low. Many are sitting at home without getting a job according to the standard of education. As a result, the number of educated unemployed is increasing.

The future of any state lies in the youths of that country. The development of the state can never be imagined leaving the youths powerless and numb. Now the number of educated youths in Bangladesh is much higher than at any time in the past. It is certainly a source of joy for us but also on the contrary, there is lots of reasons for discomfort. Because the number of educated unemployed is increasing day by day in Bangladesh. Gradually, unemployment has become a worrisome burden for the state. The huge number of job applicants hankering for a single post proves so. The country's development activities are being hampered due to unemployment. In the context of Bangladesh, due to increasing unemployment, development of the country cannot reach the desired level.

There are many reasons behind unemployment in our country. One of them is the lack of vocational education in our country. In this age of information technology, when most of the countries of the world are leaning towards career oriented education, we are lagging behind. Due to lack of job oriented education, skilled manpower is not available in the various fields as per the demand. Whereas even with the highest education certificate, innumerable educated youths are roaming hopelessly for a job in the country. Despite having the highest certificate of merit, they are unemployed due to lack of suitable jobs as we are unable to create new job positions compared to the number of graduates coming out every year. It is making our education system incompetent and useless. As a result, the educated unemployed of the country are going astray due to frustration and the number of crimes are also increasing.

Although the Department of Youth Development is giving training on various subjects at different times for the development of youth in our country, its benefits are not being found in that sense as the young people go there after wasting a lot of time. The latest education system means that vocational and life-oriented education has to be included in the curriculum, especially in the secondary classes, which is great. Not only this, with the help of universal education we have to think about what kind of education is needed now. Most importantly, there is a need for coordination between employment needs and the education system. Because how many new jobs are being created compared to how many jobs will be needed must be assessed. It is also important to make a policy by doing research on that. In this case, first of all, we have to ensure quality in the education system too.

Curriculum needs to be changed to make them professionally proficient considering the employment aspect. Because the degrees in our country are not subject based, employers also have to struggle to select skilled workers. It is often seen that even after having posts, those posts remain vacant due to lack of skilled manpower. This inconsistency can be overcome only by formulating a work-oriented curriculum. The challenge of the 21st century is before us now. This challenge is not one-sided it is moving forward in various ways. Especially in the labour market, the challenge is the most. To overcome this challenge requires to fulfil a combination of employment needs by the national education system. The technically sound and specialised people will always come out as winners. At present, it has been proved all over the world that the power of vocational and practical education is the real motivation for development and nation building which serves as the main driving force for progress in national life. Simply put, hands-on education is now the key to the progress of a nation. Needless to say, today's investment in skills development is the asset of tomorrow. Nothing can be done without acquiring skills. In this case, the expectation from our unskilled workers is impossible. The happiest place is that if the work oriented education system is expanded, first of all new jobs will be created in the country. As a result, the unemployment problem of the country will be reduced to a great extent. Another great quality of career-oriented education is that it keeps individual freedom intact, so that it is possible to get rid of frustration, emptiness and failure in life. The mentality of doing something according to one's own ability is created in the self. This is the greatest virtue of career oriented education. So we have to use it and move forward. Career-oriented education will play a huge role in relieving the curse of unemployment.

At the moment, our country has a theoretical oriented education system. It is necessary to combine theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge. If we can combine theoretical knowledge with practical knowledge, unemployment will be eliminated from our country. There will be more job opportunities both at home and abroad for our practically educated students. Because of their work-oriented practical education, the students will learn to be self-sufficient in performing small tasks in daily life too. As a result of vocational career oriented education, our students will not have to spend miserable time remaining unemployed as they will be able to make comfortable living by doing some work and contributing to the country’s development.


The writer is a student of Jagannath University and a member of Bangladesh Young Column Writers Forum