Sunday, 5 December, 2021

Shun narrow self interest in politics

According to a report, influential Awami League leaders including some ministers and lawmakers are indirectly working against the party-backed candidates chosen for the position of chairman to contest in the ongoing Union Parishad (UP) polls. It is no secret that some of the party leaders who are working against the candidates nominated by the party high command to ensure their defeat in the polls, are doing so by prioritising personal gains over party interest.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, who is also the party president, has led the board which nominated the Awami League candidates for the post of chairman to contest in the UP polls. Therefore, the rebels are actually challenging her decisions in the selection of candidates for the local government polls. Such rebellion by influential party leaders does not bode well for the discipline within the ruling party nor peace in the local government during and after the polls.

There is no doubt that the unwillingness of influential local leaders in accepting the decisions of the party president as the ultimate choice, will definitely hamper the successful administration by the newly elected local government authorities unless some strict actions are taken against the party rebels.

The prevailing situation reminds us of a similar scenario that happened centuries ago which changed the fate of Bengal for the next two centuries subjecting her to an alien British rule. Influential courtiers of the then Nawab of Bengal betrayed their ruler by siding with the enemy on the battlefield of Pallasey on the fateful day by changing their allegiance. We can draw a parallel between the political elections of today with the battles of the long gone era as methods for effecting change of power and governance.

Sheikh Hasina has rightfully warned about taking organisational actions against the leaders who are working against the party-nominated candidates in the UP polls. All patriotic people should act on the basis of the bigger picture that is beneficial for the majority people of the country and for the motherland which must be of supreme importance over and above all kinds of petty self interest. In fact, those who give priority to narrow self interest have no place in politics for a politician must put the interest of the country above all else.