Saturday, 27 November, 2021

Lavish life of a fugitive

Lavish life of a fugitive

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The BNP, the country's major opposition party, has now been fighting a battle for existence. It now barely exists as a functional political party due to its leadership crisis. After the conviction of its chairperson, Khaleda Zia, in a corruption case, her eldest son, Tarique Rahman, became the acting chairman of the party founded by his late father General Ziaur Rahman. But, at this moment, he finds it difficult to plan strategies on how to lead the party from abroad as the party's acting chairman. He is of the idea that someone will place him in power. Till then he lives in London where he leads a lavish life although he has no visible source of income.

It remains a big question as to how jobless Tarique Rahman leads a luxurious life in the capital of Great Britain? When Ziaur Rahman was assassinated in 1981, he left a broken suitcase and torn vests for his family. But, within two decades, his eldest son became a billionaire. Does he possess Aladdin's Magic Lamp? Certainly not! It is due to his corrupt practices that he pursued during the entire BNP-led four-party alliance regime that lasted from 2001 to 2005. At that time, he fetched crores of taka through illegal means and later laundered the money abroad.  In 2016, the High Court sentenced him to seven years in prison for money laundering.

Recently, four agencies have started an investigation against unemployed Tarique based on the information of laundering huge amounts of money from Dhaka and Sylhet. Based on the outcome of the probe, the corrupt son of Khaleda Zia should be brought under the purview of law. He is also guilty of two British laws like the ‘Profit of Crime Act’ and the ‘Undisclosed Wealth Act.’ It is the duty and responsibility of the Bangladesh Embassy officials in London to report to the UK government about the fugitive BNP leader's crime so that it can take legal action against him before it is too late. In the eyes of law, a criminal is always a criminal no matter how powerful he may be.