Wednesday, 19 January, 2022

Swapnadal’s ‘Jadur Pradip’ at South Asian Theatre Fest

Swapnadal’s ‘Jadur Pradip’ at South Asian Theatre Fest

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Popular Bangladeshi theatre troupe Swapnadal will stage its much-acclaimed mimodrama ‘Jadur Pradip’ (The Magic Lamp) at the South Asian Theatre Festival (Online) in Sri Lanka today.

South Asian Theatre Association (SATA), a prominent SriLankan organisation, has arranged the festival. The play will be shown live on the Facebook page and YouTube channel of SATA at 8:00pm.

There will also be a live discussion ‘Meet the Director’ with the play’s director Zahid Repon, to be held at 7:30pm before the show.

The 5-day fest also includes productions of India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Adapted and directed by Zahid Repon, ‘Jadur Pradip’ is based on the familiar fairy tale, ‘Aladdin and the Magic Lamp’. This is a Middle Eastern folk tale in the ‘Book of One Thousand and One Nights’ (The Arabian Nights).

Aladdin and his magic lamp, where a magic lamp helps one simple boy get a hold of the prince is a very popular story around the world. Swapnadal has rewritten and recreated the whole story to put it as a mimodrama.

Mimodrama is a play or drama in which action is carried on in a dumb show. The worldwide acclaim of mimodrama came in the 1950s production of Marcel Marceau that he adapted from Nikolay Gogol’s short story ‘Overcoat’.

Generally, the whole story is played out through facial expression and body movement in mimodrama.

The central message of the production is the triumph of good over evil.