Monday, 29 November, 2021

Sandstone workers march against UP chairman in Tahirpur

SUNAMGANJ: Waving brooms thousands of sandstone workers on Friday held a protest in Tahirpur upazila against what they said a conspiracy to close a sand and stone quarry in the trans-boundary Jadukata river.

They chanted slogans against Karuna Sindhu Chowdhury, the chairman of Tahirpur Upazila Parishad of Sunamganj blaming him for the move, reports UNB.

Several thousand workers from Tahirpur and Bishwambharpur upazilas including Maharam, Laudergarh, Shahidabad, Bariktila, Baragoptila, Mudergaon, Suhala, Miarchar marched through the streets from Tahirpur Naukaghat area.

Later, they held a protest rally and formed a human chain at Sheikh Russell Mini Stadium in Tahirpur.

Speakers said that the upazila chairman was involved in a move to close down the quarry as the workers refused to accept his unethical demands.

Workers returned to work after the quarry reopened recently after a two-year closure.

The quarry was closed after environmentalists complained that excessive excavation of sand and stone was threatening the river.

The workers fear that they will lose work and livelihood if the quarry is closed again.