Friday, 21 January, 2022

Buddha’s teachings are more appropriate today

Buddha Purnima is celebrated to mark three important events of the Buddha’s life – his birth, his attaining enlightenment and his nirvana (death). Siddhartha Gautama is highly revered as ‘Guru’ for his moral sermons which form the cynosure for a worthwhile life.

The sublime position the Buddha has acquired is because of the guidance he has given to the human race through his preachings which though were around 2500 years old, still hold relevance in today’s world. He renounced all royal pleasures to discover the basic purpose of life.

A true teacher leads by example and the Buddha leads the way by setting an example. His five principles, four noble truths and eight-fold path – all steer us towards a righteous life. In today’s world which is highly marred by violence, greed, intolerance and degradation of human values, his teachings offer efficacious ways to combat these maladies. His teachings propose practical remedies to the human predicament.

He laid down ethical precepts for a fulfilling life. In this 21st century, where kids and adults frantically are glued to devices and practices that digress them from the main purpose of life, Buddha’s core principles of self–control, self–discipline, mindfulness and contentment serve as an antidote to cleanse our mind and body and equip us to lead a stressful life.

Be it the Buddha, Mahavir, Adi Shankara or Ashoka and many great gurus, their transformation and lives serve as moral lessons to today’s generation. Their quest of knowledge, attempt to ignite minds, timeless propositions form the basis of a society free of prejudice and pollution – both environmental and human minds. Education means the development of the mind which is possible only when minds are open and free of taint. The Buddha’s stainless teachings connect us with our inner selves and pave the path for eternal knowledge and happiness.


Courtesy: Telangana Today