Thursday, 2 December, 2021

Dengue menace still relentless

Over 2,100 infected in last 15 days with 140 hospitalised in 24 hrs

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  • 16 November, 2021 12:00 AM
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Dengue menace still relentless

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The dengue menace still seems unstoppable as the deadly disease has been reigning in the country, specially the capital, since the beginning of the year.  

More than 2100 people have been diagnosed with dengue in the country this month while 140 patients with the disease were admitted to hospitals in the last 24 hours until Monday morning.       

Though the country’s dengue situation has remained almost ‘stable’ for last few weeks, the number of patients hits 2119 in the last 15 days this month.

According to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS), a total of 140 dengue patients were hospitalised while no death was reported in the last 24 hours until 8:00am on Monday. The DGHS said 2,119 dengue patients were admitted to hospitals in the current month, 5,458 in October, 7,841 in September, 7,698 in August, 2,286 in July, 272 in June, 43 in May, three in April, 13 in March, nine in February and 32 in January this year.

Some 12 dengue patients died across the country in July, 34 in August, 23 in September and 22 deaths were reported in October and 6 in the current month, the health directorate data added. The DGHS said 110 new patients were hospitalised in the capital and 30 outside the city in the last 24 hours until Monday morning. A total of 498 patients diagnosed with dengue are now receiving treatment in 41 government and private hospitals in Dhaka while 128 outside the city, it said. 

The number of death is increasing day by day as a total of 97 deaths from the disease have been reported this year, the DGHS added. 

Unofficial sources from different hospitals said around 116 people, who were infected with dengue, died this year.  A total of 25,774 dengue patients were hospitalised across the country this year while so far, 25,051 have been released from hospitals after recovery, the DGHS report said.