Thursday, 9 December, 2021

Bongo collaborates with Canadian rapper DTG

Bongo collaborates with Canadian rapper DTG

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Popular online streaming platform Bongo has recently ventured into working with North American content creators in their studios division. Previously, Bongo Studios’ clientele featured primarily South Asian content creators. Starting in 2021, Bongo has expanded to more global markets, with their first North American client being musician Shane Mac. After Shane Mac, Bongo Studios onboarded popular Canadian rapper DTG from the famous YouTube channel Lil Windex. 

The man behind the channel - Lil Windex, is Dylan Godfrey, who also goes by the stage name DTG. He is known for his satirical lyrics and his uncanny ability to imitate rapper Eminem. He started out as a YouTuber creating comedy skits. In 2015 he found his claim to fame through a video called ‘How NOT To Be A Rapper’ which became viral, and he never had to look back since. In 2017, Godfrey released his first single ‘Cleanin Up’, an amazing success with more that 10 million views.

Bongo is proud of the opportunity to work with such a talented artiste and YouTube sensation. Through their partnership, Studios will provide Lil Windex with services such as copyright protection, content strategy, channel management, optimisation, monetisation enhancement etc. Content creators can connect with Bongo, by reaching out to increase their distribution and monetisation.