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Turkish businessmen show interest for investing in Bangladesh

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  • 15 November, 2021 12:00 AM
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Turkish businessmen show interest for investing in Bangladesh

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Turkish businessmen and investors have shown their keen interest to invest in Bangladesh.

The interests were shown in response to call of Commerce Minister Tipu Munshi while exchanging views on trade and investment between Bangladesh and Turkey.

The heads of reputed Turkish companies joined the view exchange meeting, organised by Bangladesh Consulate General in Istanbul on Friday, says a release.

Tipu urged the Turkish businessmen to invest in various sectors of Bangladesh including garments, medicines, infrastructure and energy.

Citing lower than expected trade between the two countries, Tipu Munshi asked Turkish traders to increase volume of import-export products by exploring new areas of business.

He stated that Bangladesh's GDP growth has been increasing at a significant rate as compared to other countries in South Asia and Bangladesh has established itself as one of the investment destinations.

Consul General Mohammad Monirul Islam mentioned the enviable economic growth and social development of Bangladesh, especially the transition of Bangladesh to middle income and developing countries.

Describing the investment-friendly policies and programmes of Igas and Archesarkar, he described the various incentives and opportunities for investors, including demographic dividends, tax holidays, geographical location and special economic zones.

He said that two companies from the region have already started investing in Bangladesh.

He hoped that more Turkish companies will follow the companies.

Turkish businessmen and investors mentioned that a business delegation of Bangladesh-Turkey Business Council will visit Bangladesh later this month.

Hulya Gedik, Chairperson of Bangladesh-Turkey Business Council, Yup Iqbal, Chairman of Fuzul Group, Suleiman Oraksiolu, Chairman of Orca Holdings, Firat Haskay, Chairman of Shirt by Shirt Group, Halil Ibrahim, Chairman of Ser Farmers, Azmi Kiran, and Chairman of Federal Farm took part at the meeting.