Thursday, 9 December, 2021

Sylhet city canal turns into ground for mosquito

  • Our Correspondent
  • 13 November, 2021 12:00 AM
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SYLHET: Due to the lack of public awareness, proper monitoring and cleaning work by the city corporation, the different Sylhet city canal turn into safe places for mosquito breeding as it was turn into dumping ground.

Putting the public health under serious threat, the authorities always ignore about the matter alleged by the city peoples.

After not getting sufficient covered dustbin into the city area, city people put the dust elsewhere in the city. Which was finally blocked the different city canals said the many resident of the city.

Beside the dust, different kind of toxic and plastic materials also fall into the canals, which was went into the Surma river through the different canals. Where it was harmful for the aquatic animals as well as for human body the sources informed.

Advocate Shaheda Akther, a coordinator of BELA in Sylhet chapter told this correspondent, a bad smell was spread from different city canal as it was turn into dumping ground for the dust. Where Aedes mosquito can born. She urges the city authority to take immediate step about the dust and create the public awareness among the city resident about the dustbin use.

When asked about the dengue patient in Sylhet, Himangshu Lal Ray, deputy director of Sylhet divisional health office said, till now we are detected five dengue patient in Sylhet.

Every year city corporation spent huge amount of money to kill the mosquito. But mosquito quantity spreading throughout the city in dramatic way as it has a potential places for breeding into the different canals says the many city corporation officials in anonymity condition.

Kawser Ahmed, a resident of city Upashahor area told the Daily Sun in an anonymity, in every budget, the city corporation allotted huge amount of money for cleaning the all canals but it was not working properly. He urged the concern authority to pay the heed about this health issue.

Hanifur Rahman, conservative officer of the corporation said, our city dwellers are not aware of using dustbin. They threw the dust elsewhere into the city street instead of selected dustbin. He urges the all city resident and local NGO to create awareness among the public beside the city corporation to use the dustbin in a proper way. He further said the city corporation installed nearly two hundred fixed and three hundred portable dustbins into the city area. But after few days some portable dustbin was missing into the city area, the officer informed in an anonymity condition to the reporter. 

Nur Aziz, chief engineer of Sylhet city corporation said, earlier we setup dustbin in different important point into the city area. But these dustbins are not existent at this time for the lack of public awareness.

Now we have a plan to setup more dustbins in the city. Beside this he urged the different socials organisations to create the awareness among the city peoples about the dustbin use. Otherwise, it was not possible only for the corporation to keep the city neat and clean.

To get the comment about the canal issue over the phone call to the Ariful Haque Chowdhury, mayor of Sylhet City Corporation, but he cannot answer the phone call.