Thursday, 9 December, 2021

Satyajit’s look from ‘Aparajito’ out !

Satyajit’s look from ‘Aparajito’ out !

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It’s like a glimpse of Indian filmmaker Satyajit Ray in a black and white frame. Jeetu Kamal’s first look as Aparajito Ray in Aneek Dutta’s next ‘Aparajito’ is out now. This film is a tribute to the master filmmaker in his birth centenary and it’s the story behind the making of Ray’s iconic film ‘Pather Panchali’, reports Times of India. 

While Jeetu will play the role of Aparajito Ray, a character based on Satyajit, Saayoni Ghosh will be seen as his wife Bimala, a character based on Ray’s wife Bijaya.

Jeetu himself is surprised to see his new look as Satyajit. He says that many of his close ones who saw the first glimpse of his character in the film couldn’t identify that it’s Jeetu. They simply thought it’s Satyajit Ray’s black and white picture. But when the actor told them that it’s his look from Anik’s next film they were literally shocked. However, Jeetu has given full credit for his new look to the director.

Some prosthetics have been used to make Jeetu look like Satyajit Ray and makeup artist Somnath Kundu has done a terrific job. However, Anik Dutta feels the way Jeetu has handled the mannerism of Ray in his character Aparajito Ray it’s surely a praiseworthy effort. Incidentally, Abir Chatterjee was first roped in to play the role of Aparajito Ray but due to date issues he couldn’t do it.

A portion of the shooting has been done in and around Bolpur. The next schedule starts on November 19 and it will be shot in and around Kolkata including Nandan and Sisir Mancha. The entire will be shot in black and white and Anik wants to wrap up the shooting by mid-December.

Speaking about his film, Anik had earlier shared: “Aparajito was the second film of the Apu trilogy. But my film Aparajito is different. It is inspired by the making of ‘Pather Panchali’ and not a biopic on Satyajit Ray. In my film, a character called Aparajito Ray, aka Apu, makes a film called Pather Podaboli. It captures the hurdles he faces and whether he can finally achieve his dream. What I am trying to convey through this film is how one should dare to dream and believe that you can achieve our dreams too. Only then, your dreams will come true.”