Saturday, 27 November, 2021

Skilled Youth for a Developed Nation

AHM Masum Billah

Skilled Youth for a Developed Nation

The youth is the driving force of a country's development. Today's youth will lead the country in the future. They come first in any crisis. From the anti-British movement or our language movement to the liberation war, there were effective participations of the youth in all fields. Today the youth of the country is playing a very important role in tackling the Covid-19 crisis. Doctors, nurses, sample collectors, volunteers and those who have come forward for burial are mostly young in age.

Young people are full of potentials. If this promising youth force can be utilised, the country will move forward towards development step by step. For this, the youth have to acquire new skills according to the needs of the age. They have to establish themselves in new professions. It is not enough to just sit in the hope of getting a job, they should aim at becoming an entrepreneur to create job opportunities for others. The role of the youth is especially important in the context of achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Therefore, it is important to give utmost importance to the education, training and skill development of the youth.

At present about 32 percent of the total population of Bangladesh is youth. It is estimated that about 22 lakh young people enter the job market every year. Of these, two to two and a half lakhs youths are able to create their workplaces in the country's market. In addition, every year job opportunities are created for an average of eight lakh to one million young people abroad. Apart from these, a large part of the youth is engaged in informal employment. All of them need to be involved in the mainstream of development. This requires skill development training. At the same time, we need to be more aware that all the training conducted for the youth is of international standard.

In addition to acquiring skills in technical areas, young people also need to pay attention to acquiring proficiency in foreign languages, especially those who are employed abroad or trying to achieve this goal. Proficiency in a foreign language creates the possibility of higher wages and pay. At present, those interested in getting employment abroad are being trained in several languages including English, Japanese and Korean in the country. According to government estimates, there are more than 12 million Bangladeshi workers abroad with reputation in different countries of the world. However, the amount of income of NRBs is not satisfactory. The same manpower from India and the Philippines are earning several times more than us. The main reason for this is that we are not able to send skilled human resources abroad. Therefore, after acquiring proper work skills, young people should concentrate on employment abroad.

However, young people should not run after jobs only, rather as entrepreneurs they can be self-employed and can create new jobs markets for the people around them. In the context of achieving SDGs by 2030 and building a developed country by 2040 the time has come for young people to pay more attention to the possibility of becoming entrepreneurs. The youth society has to take responsibility for the implementation of Vision 2041 and they have to be developed as worthy citizens to realise that dream. Our country can only become a developed country by 2041 if we can harness the power of the youth

The government is working sincerely to solve the problems of the youth of the country and to enable them to play a role in the development activities. The government continues its efforts to accelerate the pace of development by harnessing the power of young generation. In addition to formulating the National Youth Policy 2017 for their welfare, the policy for National Service Program has been formulated to include the educated youth in the nation building work. Recently, the government has taken initiative to work with the youth of the country through the Youth for Global Bangladesh program. The goal of this program is to work out how to make the young generation more efficient. In addition, on the occasion of the OIC Youth Capital Summit, the Ministry of Youth and Sports has taken decision to give 'Bangabandhu Global Youth Leadership Award' to 10 people in the categories of innovation, environment, humanity, sports-culture-art and entrepreneurship. The Department of Youth Development is implementing numbers of project including  modernizing and strengthening of Sheikh Hasina National Youth Centre, training capacity enhancement of Department of Youth Development, creating employment opportunity to improve the skills of the youth.

The current world has entered the era of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Our young people will need different skills to survive in the face of this challenge. So we have to think about the issues regarding this industrial revolution and make training policies accordingly for the youth. The National Skills Development Authority is working to ensure quality training in youth skills development. This will increase the quality of training for the trainees. Training institutes have to register with the National Skills Development Authority, which will then monitor all activities including training procedures, trainers, verification standards. This will increase the capacity of training institutes.

In order to continue our economic prosperity in the future, the youth must be properly utilised. The future of the country and the nation largely depends on their development and prosperity. For this, everyone has to come forward to harness the potential of the youth by coordinating the government and private initiatives.


The writer is a Senior Information Officer at PID