Tuesday, 30 November, 2021

Human trafficking

Even one death is too many

We can recall with horror the unprecedented news of 30 migrants, of which 26 were Bangladeshis, being shot to death by human traffickers on May 28, 2020 in Mizdah, a desert town of Libya. Nine Bangladeshi survivors had returned home carrying the tales of their near death experience and the horrors they witnessed as their compatriots were killed right in front of their eyes.

Gang members of human traffickers lure unsuspecting village people with promises of bright job prospects overseas. Their lies attract many young people desperately seeking an honest livelihood, but who do not see much prospect of getting good jobs at home. Moreover, as a number of people from Bangladesh are earning a decent living after obtaining citizenship in Italy, their success story encourages others to dream about reaching the European country by any means.

Thus unfortunately, many who become desperate to go abroad become easy prey for the dangerous and greedy human trafficking gangs, who charge a high fee to transport them illegally across several international borders, putting their life at dire risk where many never reach the destined land of promises.

The saddest part is that these young Bangladeshi fortune seekers are only looking for a bright future for themselves and their families, which is a natural human instinct. If our country can provide the young people with a reliable, safe and secure way to go abroad, they would not fall into the traps of human trafficking gangs.

Furthermore, as our law enforcers have knowledge about the main trafficking route, which is Dhaka-Benapole-Kolkata-Mumbai-Dubai-Egypt-Libya, it should not be difficult for them to stop trafficking and save many precious young lives from ending sadly.

Like all illegal businesses, human trafficking is highly profitable monetarily for the traffickers. Therefore, it attracts the most greedy and corrupt of the society. They have built a network of trafficking gang members at every point inside and outside the country which must be broken. So, detecting the top tier members of the trafficking gangs is important. They remain behind the scenes but are the real brain behind the pawns who get caught. 

We must do all to end the long procession of death on the way to Europe. Even one death is too many for the family losing a dear one.