Saturday, 27 November, 2021

For a congestion-free city

The 20 kilometre dedicated bus route stretching between Gazipur and Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is going to be a big step ahead in easing the nagging traffic congestion in the capital city and its adjoining areas. It may be mentioned that due to inadequate road coverage and unplanned development of the city on the one side and highly centralised administration on the other, traffic congestion has been an agonising problem in most of the city streets for decades. The road that connects the city with the highway to Mymensingh is particularly notorious for unbearable tailback twenty-four hours a day and all the days in a year. The likely opening of the route for traffic by next June is expected to drastically ease traffic congestion on it and shorten the time distance between Dhaka and Mymensingh.

With a view to freeing the city from traffic jam, the government has taken up several physical infrastructural projects such as flyovers, the metro-rail and the elevated express way connecting the city’s northernmost point to the southernmost one. The Dhaka-Gazipur dedicated bus route is an integral part of this initiative. However, the irony is that the construction work under the project, intended to ease traffic congestion, further aggravated the traffic situation on that road stretch. Commuters are eagerly waiting for the completion of the project work and end of their sufferings. What is pleasing for all is that the work of the project has gained pace once again after a long delay and is likely to be completed within the deadline.

It is to be noted that the Dhaka-Gazipur route is not the only bottleneck that throttles traffic movement; in the city there are lot of points that bring movement of vehicles to a grinding halt. This again leads to loss of millions of work hours every day, with damaging effect on the national economy and human health. The city must be freed from debilitating traffic situation at any cost. A congested city is completely incompatible with the country’s march towards higher economic statuses. A safe, comfortable, cost-effective and modern transport system is a must for the faster growth of the national economy.