Monday, 24 January, 2022

Dhupkhola playground getting facelift

DSCC plans football ground, kids’ zone, five-storey market

Dhupkhola playground getting facelift

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Dhupkhola playground in Old Dhaka is being given a facelift to turn it into a modern recreational hub for the city-dwellers.

Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) has undertaken a Tk 80-crore project to renovate the playground with modern features, including a football ground, basketball court and kids’ playing zone.

During a recent visit to the playground, this correspondent has found that renovation work is going on there.

Once the playground was unsuitable and children would get hurt during playing. It used to be inundated and turned into a mosquito breeding ground in monsoon.

A major portion of the 7.47-acre playground at Gendaria was under the occupation of makeshift shops and drug addicts which has created a bar for the exhausted city-dwellers from visiting the open space.

But, the whole scenario is going to be changed as DSCC has reclaimed the playground for transforming it into a recreational hub for people.

It is designed in such a way that people of all ages, especially children, will be able to spend quality to get relief from the hectic city life after completion of the work, said DSCC officials.

Locals said the whole playground was earlier divided into three parts. The authorities of Jagannath University and East End Club would use two parts while and one part was under drug addicts and temporary shops.

DSCC sources said they have taken a Tk 80-crore development project to upgrade the playground and build a five-storey market with a car parking facility.

They also said they would keep other facilities, including walkways and a special zone for kids with playing instruments.

DSCC Zone-5 Executive Engineer Saiful Islam Joy said, “We will build a football ground with green grass coverage. There will have a drainage system with a rainwater harvesting system. We will build a jogging track both inside and outside of the football ground while there will have benches for spectators to enjoy the play.”

He also said they would build a protection wall for the football ground so that unwanted people including drug addicts cannot enter the playground.

Joy said, “Earlier, the playground was under control of some influential persons, so children of all social and economic backgrounds did not have the access to play. After the completion of renovation and modernization work of the playground, DSCC will open the playground for all.”

The engineer said they would form a committee for the management of the playground after the completion of the work.

According to the layout plan for the playground modernisation, it will have a football ground on 4.01 acres with 146 metres length and 105-metre width, a kids’ zone on 0.60 acres, a multi-storey building on 0.62 acres, and a green zone on 0.77 acres.

As per the plan, there will have walkways both inside and outside the football ground. There will be a basketball court just beside the football ground and green zone on three sides of the playground.

The DSCC has also planned car parking facilities and coffee shops in the five-storey market building and arrangement of slid, hanging rides, and other items in the kids’ playing zone.