Thursday, 2 December, 2021

Int’l confce on ‘Bay of Bengal Conversation’ next year

Int’l confce on ‘Bay of Bengal Conversation’ next year

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A three-day international conference titled "Bay of Bengal Conversation" will be held at hotel InterContinental Dhaka next year.

The Centre for Governance Studies (CGS) will organise the conference beginning on May 28, said a press release on Saturday.

The dialogue will look at both the emerging regional and global political order and the associated institutional framework, the organisers expect.

Convening over 200 delegates from over 70 countries to join the brightest minds in Bangladesh, the Bay of Bengal Conversation is a platform designed to discuss, ideate and debate the most pressing global imperatives.

The conversation will bring together diverse voices across sectors and geographies as it seeks to discover new ideas and propose new solutions that serve an emerging human-centric world order out of the Bay of Bengal region.