Friday, 3 December, 2021

Social media misuse can cause social catastrophe

It is difficult to find people who use the internet but do not have an account in social media. Reliance on social media is increasing in all sectors from media to public and private. With the touch of modernity, the internet has reached from city to village. Now any work can be done online sitting at home effortlessly.

The Internet was launched in 1980 by the ARPANET Advanced Research Project Agency Network. In the beginning, the Internet spread widely in the West. Which has now spread all around the world. News from home and abroad is reaching everyone at an instant. The Internet is easily accessible for any data collection. The number of internet users in Bangladesh is more than 100 million which is 72 per cent of the total population.

All the social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have made the internet work more dynamically. Facebook, a global social networking website founded 18 years ago on February 4, 2004, is now the world's most popular website. There are about 50 million internet and social media users in the country who use only a Facebook account which is 26 per cent of the total population. Facebook is ahead of all other social media platforms in terms of popularity in Bangladesh. Being able to exchange information, opinions, photos and videos online is the lifeblood of social communication.

Although social media plays an important role in the field of education, starting from Facebook interaction, its misuse has become a cause of social catastrophe. Exactly how ready are the people for the future that Facebook is creating? We do not know. We, the current users, are also responsible for the social catastrophe. The reason is that we could not use it properly due to the environment and situation.

Misuse of social media is a cause of social catastrophe. Various kinds of rumours are being spread in the country and abroad and instability is being created in the country at different times through Facebook. Ordinary people are making it viral by sharing it without realizing it and without knowing the real truth. There are different types of problems and complications. The use of social media to spread rumour is not the only problem. Celebrities, actors, actresses are getting various types of cyber bullying. Adverse reactions to use are being created among students.

As schools, colleges and universities were closed due to the Corona epidemic, educational institutions started online classes. As a result, students of all classes got the opportunity to use Android mobile sets. School and college students started getting acquainted with social media at the same time when they were supposed to be talking about studies or playing sports. They are wasting their important time on social media chatting with loved ones, relatives, friends all the time instead of studying or playing sports. From the start of the day to deep in the night they are busy using Facebook as there is no shortage of branches for misusing the social media. Various types of blackmails are being undertaken by hacking accounts, especially of women. Besides, the smuggling of personal information has been found in various news both from home and abroad.

As Bengali people, we have our own tradition and culture. From 1947 onwards, Bengali culture began to decline and then again continued to grow. The Bengali culture, literature, philosophy, music, theater, dance, clothes, films, sports, etc., are being spread in the country and abroad through social media in both positive and negative ways. The transformation of Bengali culture into a Facebook culture has had as much adverse effect on users as it deserves praise. Facebook itself is becoming a monolithic culture which is a threat to the traditional culture of Bangladesh.

Facebook is becoming addictive for young people. A part of the day is being wasted using Facebook. Therefore, students and people of all professions must learn to use the Internet positively to prevent social catastrophe due to misuse or overuse. The government must take action to prevent the smuggling of personal information for the use of Facebook for business purposes. Parents and teachers have an important role to play to guide so that students and the younger generation use Facebook positively rather than negatively. We all need to be aware of social catastrophe from the use of social media. I hope that technology will always be used properly.


Md. Israfel Alam Rafel

student of Jagannath University