Monday, 29 November, 2021

Public sufferings must end

Making people hostage to attain any demand, no matter whether it was logical or illogical, had been a common weapon till the first decade of the current century in Bangladesh. Though the frequency of calling strikes has reduced, the unlawful practice is yet to be stopped completely. Since political parties are hardly seen calling a strike in recent years, some associations have turned out to be powerful to make people suffer as per their wish. The transport-related associations are surely top of that list.

The country has come to a halt once again, and people are enduring untold sufferings as the transport owners and workers called a fresh strike for an indefinite period in order to meet their demand for either to increase transport fare or to cancel the recently-declared price hike of diesel. Though the effect of diesel and kerosene oil price hike will indeed be immense to the common people, in particular fixed income group, the strike called out of the blue is acceptable neither in terms of related laws nor in consideration of public sufferings. But, the transport owners and workers hardly care about those issues.

Pieces of news come from different sources that this group has actually been using the issue of price hikes to attain their long-standing demand for increasing transport fare significantly. If not, why do they withdraw cng-run vehicles from roads? Compelling authorities to do what they want by making people hostage is their only target. People observed earlier that using the same weapon how this group stopped the government from enacting laws drafted intending to reduce the number of road accidents and make roads safer by punishing the drivers found to be guilty of disobeying traffic rules or killing people intentionally in the name of road accidents.

Their audacity indeed has crossed all limits. Time has, therefore, come to diminish their overconfidence. Legal action should be taken against them as the owners and workers violate the laws by calling a strike and calling it without any prior notice respectively. At the same time, an environment should be created where problems, if arises, can be solved on the table, not on the roads. Most of all, the practice of making people hostage should be stopped at any cost.