Sunday, 5 December, 2021

Commodity prices start soaring

  • Staff Correspondent
  • 6 November, 2021 12:00 AM
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Consumers are feeling the pinch of a surge in the prices of some commodity items soon after the price hike of diesel and kerosene in the country.

“Fuel prices hike will further increase the costs of production and transportation of goods, which is extremely harmful to a stable commodity market,” said CAB President Golam Rahman.

“The living standard of lower and middle income people will affected further due to this abrupt rise in commodity prices,” he said. 

At a time when many people are already in trouble due to income loss caused by the pandemic, another fresh hike in commodity prices will add to the miseries of the low and middle-income groups.

While visiting Mohammadpur Krishi Market, it was seen that the prices of some vegetables and most of the fish has increased on Friday.

The price of beans has increased to Tk 120-130 per kg from Tk 80-100 per kg a week earlier and okra price has jumped to Tk 60-80 per kg from Tk 40-50 per kg a week earlier.

Prices of tomato and carrot remained unchanged while tomato was selling at Tk 140-160 per kg and carrot at Tk 100-160 per kg on Friday.

Ariful Islam, a vegetable trader at the market, said the prices of some vegetables have already increased. He said the recent fuel price hike might shoot up vegetable prices further within a few days.

Telapia and Pangas fish increased to Tk 160-170 Tk per kg from Tk 150-160 per kg a week earlier. Ruhi was selling at Tk 280-350 per kg from Tk 250-300 per kg, Mrigel fish price shot up to Tk 220-250 per kg from 200-220 per kg.

Shrimp price soared to Tk 600-650 per from Tk500-600 per kg a week earlier,  Pabda price soared to Tk 600 per kg from Tk 400-500 per kg. Some fish traders said that the prices of fish have increased due to supply shortages.

However, the price of broiler and sonali chicken and farmed eggs dropped slightly.

The price of broiler chicken dropped to Tk 165-170 per kg from Tk 180-185 per kg a week earlier, Sonali chicken price slipped to Tk 300-340 per kg on Friday from 330-350 per kg a week earlier.

Layer chicken price was the same at Tk 220-230 per kg. The price of farm eggs came down to Tk 110-115 per dozen from Tk 115-120 per dozen a week earlier.