Monday, 29 November, 2021

Corona wave may sweep in winter

Experts warn

Although the Covid-19 pandemic looks to have eased in Bangladesh with an insignificant infection rate for the past several weeks, experts warn that a fresh mild wave of Covid-19 may hit the country during this winter.

 Since the virus still remains in some pockets of the country, they said it is likely to spread fast amid the presence of different flues with the fall of mercury next month due to public apathy to wear masks and health safety rules, low pace in vaccination and lack of human intervention and necessary bulwarks, reports UNB.

 The analysts also said Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina rightly rang the alarm bell last week as the virus cases are surging again in many countries and neighbouring India's West Bengal.

 They, however, said Bangladesh can avoid the possible winter wave by intensifying the virus control measures, including strict screening at air and land ports, encouraging people to maintain health safety rules, and wear masks and strengthening the vaccination drive.

 On October 28, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina urged all to maintain health protocols like wearing masks to check the resurgence of Coronavirus in the upcoming winter as the virus hits many countries, including the USA, England and some European countries, at this time.

Contacted, Prof Muzaherul Huq, a former adviser to WHO South-East Asia region, said Covid has no correlation with any season. "But it can spread during winter with other viral diseases and flues."

 He said people usually get infected with different flues and cold-related diseases during winter. "So, many people can't understand they get infected with the virus as they don't undergo tests. The undetected Covid patients roam here and there freely and rapidly spread the virus."

 Public health expert MH Chowdhury (Lenin) said there is a possibility of increasing Covid transmission in the country in the days to come as the virus is remerging in different countries such as the UK, Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Russia and Latvia.

 "A lockdown-like restriction was imposed in Moscow while a lockdown has been enforced in Latvia aweek back. An uptrend is also there in our neighbouring country India. So, we fear that we may face a mild Covid wave in the coming winter," he said.