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Bangladeshi-American Shahana elected to NYC Council as first Muslim woman

Soma set to become civil court judge in Queens County

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  • 4 November, 2021 12:00 AM
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Bangladeshi-American Shahana elected to NYC Council as first Muslim woman

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Bangladeshi-American Shahana Hanif has made a history through becoming the first Muslim woman elected to the New York City Council.

The city has an estimated 769,000 Muslims.

Shahana, a former City Council employee, contested the election from Brooklyn’s Council District 39 that covers Park Slope, Kensington and parts of central Brooklyn.

She received 89 per cent of the total votes, according to the Board of Election Office.

Her only opponent from the Conservative Party received 8 per cent of the vote.

Shahana said in a statement on Tuesday night that she was “humbled and proud” to be the first Muslim woman on the Council — and the first woman of any faith to represent District 39.   Shahana cited volunteers and endorsements from the community and progressive groups, including the left-leaning Working Families Party.

“Together we are building an anti-racist, feminist city,” she said.

“We deserve a city that protects its most vulnerable, a city that has equitable education, a city invested in climate solutions that are local and driven by communities, a city where our immigrant neighbours feel at home and heard and safe. This work requires all of us to keep showing up even though the election is over,” she added.

Shahana was born and brought up in the USA though her ancestral home is in Fatikchhari upazila of Chattogram. She has long been involved in politics in Brooklyn.

Another Bangladeshi-American Soma Syed has made Bangladeshi expatriates proud. She is set to become a civil court judge in Queens County, New York City.

Soma is the immediate past president of the Queens County Women’s Bar Association, and chairperson of the New York State Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service.

The newly-elected judge confirmed the matter through a Twitter post on Wednesday.

“Tonight, Queens made a history by electing the first Bangladeshi American Judge in Queens and NYS. Our commitment to diversity, & fair & impartial justice must continue. Thank you Queens!!!” reads the tweet.