Thursday, 20 January, 2022

Third terminal: A change agent

Third terminal: A change agent

Bangladesh has been undertaking massive infrastructural development projects intending to facilitate the economic progress by attracting foreign investors to invest more and more in coming days and provide better facilities to local citizens. But, the main entrance point of the country Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport was a top concern for the country because of its lack of modern facilities required to ensure smooth services for the passengers, in particular foreign travellers. However, the under-construction third terminal of the airport is expected to be a change agent for the country.

On completion, the terminal is expected to change the face of Dhaka airport. The terminal will increase the capacity to accommodate 37 aircrafts at a time, three times higher than the present capacity and serve twenty millions passengers each year, two and a half times higher than the current number. The increased number of modern equipment like baggage scanning machines and body scanners, and extended infrastructures like check-in counters, boarding bridges, departure and arrival immigration desk etc are going to offer new experience to the passengers of this airport. There is no doubt that the internationally acclaimed architect-designed terminal will brighten Bangladesh’s image in the international arena and a hassle-free travel will make foreigners more interested to visit the country, whether it is a business trip or pleasure tour.

That the construction work is progressing fast is a pleasure to know. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the construction work is going on in full swing without let or hindrance that reportedly make the project implementation authorities hopeful to complete the project much ahead of the deadline by the end of 2023. Therefore, it is time to get prepared to turn the possibilities the project was undertaken for into reality and offer world-class facilities to the passengers using this airport. But the unfortunate fact is that so far we have a few examples to make the best of any project.

However, we hope that with the new terminal new days will come when no complaint will be there regarding the facilities and services in the airport. Just like fresh infrastructure, people will work with fresh mind only to serve the passengers. If such environment is ensured, the real purpose of establishing the terminal will be fulfilled.