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Khulna’s air becomes unhealthy as winter approaches

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  • 2 November, 2021 12:00 AM
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Khulna’s air becomes  unhealthy as winter approaches

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KHULNA: With the winter approaching. The temperature is gradually decreasing, the south-western part of the country for the last few days. Along with the temperature, the other element on the increase is dust. Roads, houses and all other things are covered by dust which is very irritating for the people who work outdoors.

Many people and children are suffering from dust allergy, asthma, pneumonia, bronchitis and other diseases in Khulna because of the dust. Naturally weather of Khulna, well known as industrial and port city, is very dry during the winter and as a result, dust pollution is rampant in the city.

On the other hand most of the roads of the city and district are under construction which causes surrounding areas to be even dustier. Hence, the dust problem is going to take a serious turn in the winter.

Many doctors have already warned residents that the dusty surroundings could be detrimental for their health. They have asked people not to venture out too much during daytime, and also keep children indoor as much as possible as they suffer more than adults. Children mainly suffer asthma pneumonia, bronchitis, conditions that are aggravated by dusty environments.

In Khulna Medical College Hospital (KMCH), Khulna General (Sadar) Hospital and Khulna Shishu Hospital (KSH), the number of children diagnosed with breathing problems, asthma and pneumonia is increasing everyday. Dr Md Kamruzzaman, Child Disease Specialist and Superintendent of KSH, said difficulty in breathing of the children is on the increase in this season for the sheer amount of dust in the air.

Dr Zaman also said that in order to protect children from such problems, every parent should take extra care of their children by not exposing them to external conditions for prolonged periods of time.

Dr GM Monsur Habib, Consultant Physician and Asthma Specialist in Khulna, said that this winter, with even more dust to be in the air, could be very risky for the dust allergy, asthma patients. They need extra care for their health. They must use masks when they go outside the house and try to avoid the dust, pollution and smoke. Every one should wash their face and eyes with fresh water after coming home from outside. Specially, the elderly people’s suffering is mounted during this season.

Khulna divisional coordinator of Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers’ Association (BELA) Mahfuzur Rahman Mukul expressed grave concern over the intense form dust-related diseases are taking across the country.

He also stressed regular cleaning works of the roads and streets. Soil should be removed from the roadsides after any construction work is completed, he added. Mukul further said the City Corporation should be more careful while carrying garbage by the trucks so that the wastes can not spread on the roads.

The government should take pragmatic steps immediately to control dust pollution, he said, adding, an awareness programme regarding its dangerous effects on effects on health should also be launched for the mass people.

Though there are some isolated laws for preventing dust pollution, there is no specific law in this regard. The government should formulate a specific law on dust pollution considering the importance of public health and environment.