Wednesday, 1 December, 2021

NEWS board

Virtual coding event of YouthHub

Malaysia-based global organisation Youth Hub conducted a virtual session on coding to inspire school-goers in computer programming.

Some 57 students from all 5 campuses of Fairview International School in Malaysia connected to the session.

YouthHub co-founder Pavel Sarwar said the event is the first exposure to coding for students and it intrigue to see how they approached and amazed themselves as they control power on own superhero. “End of the day, the students really showed their superheroes. Throughout the class, the students learned about how to make their superhero fly, have a conversation, support your hero and spin using scratch programming,” he said.

The organizers also expressed gratitude to Ms Farhana of Fairview School and campus ambassador Parthiv Farazi for supporting the event under CAS (Creative, Activity and Service) project.