Sunday, 28 November, 2021

Special vaccination campaign also to run tomorrow

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  • 29 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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Special vaccination campaign also to run tomorrow

The special vaccination campaign, which started on Thursday, will continue to administer the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine across the country on Saturday.

The Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) has set a target to administer 2nd dose of Covid-19 vaccine to over 8 million people under a special vaccination campaign.

“The vaccination campaign to administer second dose of the vaccine will continue on Saturday with an interval on Friday, the weekly holiday,” Dr Md Shamsul Haque, line director (MNC&AH) of the DGHS told the Daily Sun on Thursday.

During the special drive, the second dose of the vaccine was given to people aged above 25 who took their first shot last month on Thursday and will do same on Saturday also.

The regular vaccination programme was run simultaneously, the DGHS sources said.

The vaccine recipients have been urged to receive the second dose from the same vaccination centres from where they took the first one.   The vaccination campaign starts at 9:00am and continue till afternoon to reach the target. The EPI (Expanded Programme on Immunization) also continues simultaneously during the special vaccination campaign against coronavirus.

Sources at the health ministry said one vaccination booth has been set up in a ward of each union parishad while one centre in each ward of a municipality and one centre in each ward of city corporations to run the special vaccination drive.

Around 80,000 vaccinators, including 32,000 government workers and 48,000 volunteers -- conduct the vaccination campaign, the sources added.

The government on September 28 conducted a special vaccination campaign to inoculate 7.5 million people on the occasion of the 75th birthday of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and 5 lakh more people under the regular programme.

The DGHS said it inoculated a total of 8,093,236 people with first dose of the vaccine on September 28 and 29 under the special vaccination campaign.

If the target is met on Saturday, a total of around 30 million or 17 percent people of the country will be inoculated with both first and second doses, the sources added.