Tuesday, 30 November, 2021

Manage informants efficiently

Information is of great importance to fighting against crimes, especially in the field of narcotics. Since informers help the law enforcement agency trace the criminals or find out behind-the-scene truth, there is nothing objectionable about using informants. In fact, if used wisely, it can serve the police to a great extent in preventing drug menace in society and protect the citizens. But, many informants of police in our country have been playing a dubious role since they are allegedly involved in drug peddling too.

The lead news of this daily’s yesterday issue stated that many informants are involved in different sorts of criminal activities like drug peddling, blackmailing and extortion. Allegations are there that these criminals, instead of helping prevent crimes, intensify their criminal activities by taking advantage of their relations with police and tip other criminals off about probable police raids. They extort money from innocent people by threatening to implicate them in drug cases. Their activities are not just a misuse of power, given that these informants are not getting themselves involved in criminal activities after starting to work as informers; rather drug peddlers have been chosen for the work actually. Even some listed drug dealers allegedly working as informers are seen riding motorcycle with some police officers regularly, which encourage the criminals to commit crimes.

It is true that anybody can be an informant, even a criminal or drug dealer since they can give information about drug dealings and drug dealers that is simply not available from other sources. But chances are there on the part of the informers to mislead the law enforcement agency for personal benefits. So the informers should be managed properly since they can render a law enforcement investigation useless and destroy an agency’s credibility. Therefore, the police must be more cautious in the selection and management of informers. The guilty informants must be brought to book. Police should ensure that none would be harassed solely depending on and without counterchecking the information provided by the informants.