Sunday, 5 December, 2021

Sylhet people love to build duplex houses

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  • 27 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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SYLHET: It has been a long tradition over the last two decade to build duplex houses in the district especially by expatriate Bangladeshis those who are living in the UK, USA and Canada.

There are many such houses in Sylhet town and villages locally known as ‘Londoni house’. After build such houses, most of the owners normally leave the country, just handing over the houses to their respective caretakers.

According to sources, there are around 25 lakh of people from Sylhet division are now living in abroad.

Out of these, 98 percent people are live in the UK. Most of the expatriate Bangladeshis love to spend their hard-earned money for the construction of their duplex houses in different parts of Sylhet instead of business purpose. Asia Foundation, an NGO, conducted a survey over the expatriates’ investment in the country in earlier. 

According to the survey, 52.4 percent people spend their money in building their duplex houses while12.2 percent invest in business sector.

In 2012, Tk 23,035 core were deposit in different bank in Sylhet division from abroad, where only Tk 7,450 crore were withdrawn, according to the Bangladesh Bank Sylhet branch.

Most of the Londoni houses were built in Sylhet city, Beanibazar, Biswanath, Balaganj, Osmaninagar and Sunamganj’s Jagannathpur Upazila.

Kandakar Shiper Ahmed, ex-president of Sylhet Chambers of Commerce said, from last five years there is no trend to build duplex house in Sylhet especially by expatriate Bangladeshis those who were living in the UK, USA and Canada. They want to sell their property otherwise they invest money into the business instead of build a duplex house.

He further said we convince them to invest their earning money in business sector for boost the country economy.