Thursday, 2 December, 2021

Support public healthcare to improve it

Support public healthcare to improve it

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Recognising the importance of good health for a more productive population, the government has made momentous progress in the area of healthcare in Bangladesh in the last couple of decades. For having a healthy, able-bodied population who can contribute more to the economy of the country, nothing can replace the need for providing quality healthcare at an affordable cost in any country, Bangladesh not being an exception.

It is sad but true that the ordinary people face various problems in the public hospitals which causes many of them to turn away from the affordable and quality healthcare that the government is seeking to provide for the people all over the country.

To improve matters, DNCC Mayor Atiqul Islam truthfully said that if public representatives go to the general hospitals for treatment, their services will improve vastly. It will also improve their image in the public perception. In fact, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has set such an example by relying mostly on Bangladeshi doctors for her own healthcare. 

Practically speaking, general hospitals have more senior doctors among their staff and senior specialists on call whenever necessary, compared to the swanky private hospitals which depend on good marketing strategy rather than better treatment. We agree that looks do matter. So, general hospitals should pull the staff by their bootstraps for a spick and span environment at all public healthcare facilities.

One of the marked differences between a private and public hospital that strikes one immediately is the level of cleanliness at the hospital premises. The rooms and the public areas are sparkling in most private hospitals while public hospitals wear a shabby and unkempt look, although they have adequate cleaners who are supposedly working round the clock in shifts. In many cases they do not use the proper cleaning agents required for the job, thereby the cleaning is not up to the mark.

Another problem is the rude behaviour of the lower level employees of general hospitals with family members who come as visitors and attendants to care for the patients. In comparison, the staff of private hospitals are always polite and have an ever helpful attitude towards the visitors and attendants of the patient. Small things can make a big difference in the long run. We should sponsor our own healthcare facilities, to help the system improve further.