Thursday, 2 December, 2021

Corona cases, fatalities on rise again in Europe

Corona cases, fatalities on rise again in Europe

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PARIS: Covid infections and deaths are on the rise again in Europe, with Russia, Ukraine and Romania registering the highest fatalities on the continent, an AFP tally showed Tuesday.

About 1,672,000 new cases have been registered on the continent over the past week, an average of about 239,000 per day.

That was an increase of 18 percent on the previous week, according to AFP's data, compiled from official sources from 52 countries and territories in the region.

The increase in cases was a 60 percent jump from August and September, when were about 150,000 new registered cases per day, the data showed.

In the region, 42 countries saw an increase in new infections over the past week, with only seven countries clocking a drop.

The worst affected countries in terms of total new cases are Ukraine, Hungary and Poland. AFP data showed an average of 3,120 daily deaths on the continent in the previous seven days, up 16 percent from last week.

More than a third of the deaths recorded in Europe are currently in Russia, which reported 1,051 deaths on average every day, followed by Ukraine (485) and Romania (420).