Thursday, 9 December, 2021

Mohanagar Shishu Hospital

Shortage of doctors, nurses cripples healthcare service

Shortage of doctors, nurses cripples healthcare service
Dhaka Mohanagar Shishu Hospital in Lalbagh of the capital is plagued by various problems, including shortage of doctors, nurses and medical technicians. The photo was taken recently. —Md Nasir Uddin

Patients are not getting proper healthcare service from Dhaka Mohanagar Shishu Hospital due to acute shortage of doctors, nurses and medical technicians.

The 100-bed hospital at Gouro Sundar Roy Lane in Lalbagh is running with 50 beds only.

The hospital cannot run its operation theatre as it has no surgeons, anesthetists, and medical officer.

Many child patients are returning home without getting healthcare services from the hospital almost every day, sources said.

But the authorities concerned seem oblivious to the fact as they have not yet taken necessary steps to solve the problem.

The hospital was constructed in 1990 and started providing healthcare service in 1993. But it has been failing to provide proper service since its beginning.

“Our surgery department has remained out of service for the last seven years for the lack of pediatric surgeon, anesthetist, and medical officer. In the organogram, there is no post for the medical officer at the surgery ward, which is essential for running a full-fledged operation theater. Posts of medical officers need to be created,” said a doctor of the hospital wishing not to be named. 

As per the data, averagely 300 patients receive outdoor service while around 30 patients take indoor service in the hospital. 

“Around half of the total patients require minor or major surgery, but we cannot serve the patients with a hernia, reconstruction and transplantation of organs, and circumcision. Without having any alternatives, we send many patients back home,” he also said.

There are 130 posts of doctors, nurses, medical technicians and other supportive staff in the organogram. Of the posts, 52 have been lying vacant for long, sources said.

Currently, only 14 doctors against 22 posts and seven nurses against 30 posts are working in the hospital.

During a recent visit to the hospital, this correspondent found that the hospital wore a ghostly look with many rooms under lock and key.

“There are only seven nurses to attend around 40 patients in three shifts.  Of the nurses, six attend the patients in two shifts while one nurse attends the patients at the night. Is it possible by a nurse to attend the patients at four wards?” a nurse complained.  While talking to the Daily Sun, DSCC Chief Executive Officer Farid Ahmad said that they wrote letter to the ministry of health several times for sending doctors on deputation, but they did not get any response.

“Besides, we have published a circular for recruiting nurses. The recruitment process may be completed by December,” he added.