Tuesday, 30 November, 2021

Doly lends voice to ‘Kokra Kokra Chul’ with new arrangement

Popular singer Doly Sayontoni has lent her vocal to her mother Monowara Begum’s song ‘Kokra Kokra Chul’ with a new arrangement. Shumon Kollyan has done the re-arrangement of the song. In the meantime, the music video of the song has been made. Besides, Dolly also rendered two folk songs. All the songs will be released on her YouTube channel soon.  

Doly Sayontoni’s mother Monowara Begum was also a singer. She was a regular artiste of   Bangladesh Betar’s programme ‘Durbar’. One of her songs ‘Kokra Kokra Chul’ got popular at that time.   

Doly Sayontoni said, “I used to listen to my mother’s song ‘Kokra Kokra Chul’ in my childhood. I’ve got a soft corner for the track. Whenever I sing the song I feel my mother is beside me. I’ve sung the song with a new arrangement for my fans. I hope they will like this version too.”

“Honestly speaking, I’ve never intended to be a singer. I became a singer because of my mother. I also express my gratitude to Milton Khondokar. Only for Milton Khondokar I’m today I’m Doly Sayontoni.   I’m very happy with my musical career. But I haven’t received National Film Award yet. I have a thirst for the awards. If I get it, then my music career will be fulfilled.” she added.    

Doly Sayontoni is a popular playback singer in the country. Her first track ‘Hey Jubok’ has been released in 1990. Later, the song used in the movie ‘Uthan Patan’. Doly debut as a playback singer in the 90’s movie ‘Gherao’. The singer released 15 solo albums, over 100 duets, and mixed albums and also sings over 700 Bangla films.