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Traditional musical instruments on the verge of extinction

  • Our Correspondent
  • 23 October, 2021 12:00 AM
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SYLHET: Due to the modern cultural, the traditional musical instrument drumbeats are now on the way to extinct. Young generations are not familiar with theses traditional cultural heritage. Which was replaces by the modern musical instrument.  

Earlier, this traditional musical instrument was the main way for the entertainment in our country. All aged people can enjoy this rub-a-dub with their own dignity.

Among the traditional musical instrument Bangla Dull and Katic Dull was the common drum to all music lovers especially to any cultural programme.

Beside theses instrument Mirjongo and Dokki was the another traditional musical instrument. Which was generally use in the folk song.

According to the size and quality Bangla and Katic Dull was seal 1500-3000 and Mirjongo and Dokki was seal 500 to 1200 and 500 to 700 in respectively.

Now a days there are only around ten traditionally musical instrument centre in Sylhet City. Most of the time these musical centre people passing their time in idle instead of seals the drums. In hardly, they can seal a drum in a week in present said the many musical shop owner.

Theses traditional musical instrument was especially made by the leather, wood and iron ring the sources informed.

Meanwhile, in most of the day time theses musical shop owner was busy for repairing the old drum. If fortune favour they can seal a one drum in a week said, Sree Chittho Ronjon Reshi. He further said our next generation show reluctant to back this profession.  

Probitro Reshi, an owner of Chittho Ronjon Musical centre in the city’s Chowhatta area told this correspondent in anonymity condition modern musical instruments are now ruled the modern age. Now we are doing this business for only affection, not for benefit purpose. He urge the concern authority to take immediate crucial step to protect these cultural heritage from the extinct, otherwise we set to lose our ancient cultural glory.