Saturday, 4 December, 2021

Kaiser Islam back to music after a decade

Singer, lyricist and composer ‘Chiroharith’ Kaiser Islam has returned to music after a decade with a dozen songs. 

The tracks include ‘E Kon Prithibi’, ‘Orthohin Alape Cholche Ontohin Torko’, ‘Aj Jeno Prithibitake Notun Kore Chena Holo’, ‘Swapno Bhenge Geche’, ‘Bujhini Age’, and ‘Nivrito Sonnyasy’ are now available on his YouTube Channel. All the songs are written, composed and sung by Kaiser Islam.

Kaiser Islam is now also quite busy with stage shows in Dhaka and Chattogram. Besides, his music group ‘Chiroharith Manusher Dal’ has been invited to perform at Jamshedpur and Kolkata in India. Leading percussionist and drummer of the country Shubho and the famous bassist Sushovan Rakshit Deep have already joined the team.

Kaiser Islam is the founder and trainer of Chiroharith Music School. He is also a writer. He has written over 18 books so far. A copybook of 200 of his selected songs is going to be published in December.