Wednesday, 8 December, 2021

Enforce traffic discipline on roads

Enforce traffic discipline on roads

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Road crashes have become a common phenomenon across the country. If any person goes out of home, their family members have to wait with uncertainty whether they would at all return home alive. Over the past few years, there has been an alarming rise in road mishaps. As per an up-to-date data of the DGHS, on average, at least 64 people are killed and more than 150 others are injured in road accidents every day. The day-to-day figure of road casualties is alarming indeed.

Reckless driving contributes to most of the road crashes. Frequent violation of traffic rules and plying of unfit vehicles on the streets also account for the fatal incidents. Plying of slow-moving vehicles like battery-run rickshaws and illegal three-wheelers on roads and highways is stated to be another major reason of increasing road crashes. A latest report of the Jatri Kalyan Samity has revealed the sharp rise in passengers’ sufferings, traffic congestion and road crashes. Traffic mismanagement and lack of accountability on the part of transport owners as well as transport workers are to be blamed for the dismal situation.

However, to bring back discipline on roads, the government enacted a road transport law back in 2018 against the backdrop of a nation-wide student protest. Regrettably, the government shrunk back from its enforcement due to vehement opposition from the transport workers. It is just the day before, the Road Transport and Bridges Minister himself admitted that ensuring road safety is a challenge. But, it has to be ensured by any means what he has stressed too.

There is no doubt that a road crash is a curse. Besides death, it causes enormous losses, including injuries, psychological trauma and disability to the victims. It also causes material losses, including waste of money for long treatment of the victims. The effects of road crashes leave a lasting unpleasant memory on the individuals and their families. Moreover, a road crash adversely affects the national economy too. So, the government has no other option but to strictly enforce road safety laws, if needed, through necessary amendments of the previous one despite opposition from any corner. It is a must for the greater national interest.