Saturday, 27 November, 2021

Harmony and peace for development

The culprit has been found, so says the headlines. But is it really so? The way these things are usually stage managed, it is obvious that the man caught is totally insignificant, just a pawn who was used as a sacrificial lamb. It may even be that he was paid to do the callous act that caused such a huge loss for the nation in terms of peace and harmony and image internationally. Besides, why would anyone go to the extent of getting a copy of the holy book and carry it to the puja mandap just to place it there? It doesn’t make any sense to a sane person, nor could an insane person do the elaborate planning of it. So, there is more to it than meets the eye for sure. Therefore, we think that it is essential to find the criminal brains behind the incident.

The country is moving ahead, massive development works are going on which will transform Bangladesh in another couple of years, if peace and stability remains unhindered. Therefore, come what may – peace, harmony and stability of the country should be maintained for the ongoing development works to reach completion. Those who react quickly at the drop of a hat must learn the teachings of their religion well, as all religions teach to have self-restraint in all our actions, to hold our peace and never be the first to resort to any kind of violence.

As for us, we must act more swiftly against conspirators who are constantly trying to destroy the communal harmony existing in our beautiful Bangladesh. We don’t know what caused the delay in checking the CCTV footage, but that should have been the immediate action after a copy of the Qur’an was found on the puja mandap. At least that is what most ordinary people would do. Those who were on duty to ensure security of the puja mandaps and their adjacent areas must be aware that they were not just guarding a place but a potential volcano. Such unfortunate mishaps could have been avoided by being more alert to any unusual activities by anyone near the premises.

In hindsight, many things come to mind, but nothing can compensate for the fear that accompanied the losses of homes and cattle in our own homeland.